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Asset & Cash Flow Management

It never hurts to have another eye looking after your real estate investments – especially one with more than 30 years of experience in the business, which is why Laurence Management Group offers asset management to property owners. Whether you’re looking after several buildings, or just one, we can help ensure that the oversight of your properties is as thorough as it should be.

In many cases, this involves us working with your existing property management company, reviewing items such as; financial statements, budgets and maintenance records to ensure that costs are being kept within reasonable levels. In other cases, you might want us to simply look over your records, we also offer short-term consulting packages and reviewing proposals for upgrades and renovations.

We offer all of these as part of our asset management service packages, as well as providing:

  • Experience of 30+ years in Western Canada property management
  • Oversight of building rehabilitation projects, including government and financial records
  • Third-party reviews of property management company receipts and records

When you need answers, or need to get your investment property back on track, entrust our team that has the experience and attention to detail to get the right results. Call or e-mail Laurence Management Group to discuss the needs for your building today. 

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