Management for Commercial or Multi-family Properties in Western Canada - Laurence Management Group Inc.

Winnipeg Property Management With Laurence

As an owner of a commercial building or multi-family residential property it is critical to have the right property management company working for you. Laurence Management Group provides a team of professionals who strive to maximize your income controlling the expenses, increasing cash flow and value.

At Laurence Property Management, we take a unique approach to overseeing your properties. Rather than relying on a large corporate structure, our hands on approach enables the site managers to work and provide immediate solutions to tenants thereby increasing tenant retention.

Here are just a few more ways we propose to help you with commercial or multi-family property management:

  • Our team will provide you with highly detailed financial reporting on every property
  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the property management industry
  • No one works harder than we do to keep your tenants happy and your units fully rented

Having the right property management team is the first step towards making your investment less stressful and more profitable. Why not contact us now to set an appointment to see one of our properties or find out what we can offer you? We will also provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your property to demonstrate our cost effective solutions.

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